Tips & Recipes - How to Keep Food Safe During a Power Failure
  • Keep the freezer door closed to keep cold air inside.

  • Don’t open the door any more than necessary.

  • A full freezer will stay at safe temperatures about 2 days; a half full freezer about 1 day.

  • If your freezer is not full, group packages so they form an “igloo” to protect each other.

  • If you think the power will be out for several days, try to find some dry ice.

  • Keep dry ice wrapped and do not touch it with your bare hands or use cubed ice or block ice.

  • Even if food has started to thaw, foods can be safely kept in the freezer.

  • The foods in your freezer that partially or completely thaw before power is restored may be safely refrozen if they still contain ice crystals or are 40 degress F or below.

  • You will have to evaluate each item separately.

  • When in doubt, throw it out!


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